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Tobacco-Related Disparities

Did you know that some Louisiana residents have higher rates of tobacco use than others and are more exposed to secondhand smoke than others? Some are even targeted directly by the tobacco industry’s advertising.

These residents can include African Americans, the LGBT community, those living with a chronic disease or a behavioral health condition, or those from a low-income neighborhood. Learn more how smoking affects them:

All Louisiana residents deserve the opportunity to live a healthy, tobacco-free life, regardless of their race, level of education, gender identity, sexual orientation, the job they have, the neighborhood they live in or whether they have a disability. For help in quitting smoking or using tobacco, call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) or enroll online.

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Share Your Quit Story

Everyone's quit story is different. What works for one, might not always work for another. So we want you to share your success story (and your struggles) with us, so that you can help motivate and encourage others to quit.

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