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How I Quit: Brittany R.

Age: 23, from Livingston Parish

After years of smoking I can finally say that I can live without a cigarette. I’m not saying it’s easy because I would be lying. My son was 3 (he is 4 now) when they diagnosed him with asthma. I knew it was bad for his health to be around cigarette smoke, so I quit. After a few weeks of me not smoking I found myself taking a few puffs of a cigarette a day, then it became a full cigarette a day, then 2 and so on. About 5 months later my husband, who is 35, was diagnosed with Leukoplakia, which is a precancerous condition, which can form into cancer. It’s caused by a chronic irritation, which in my husband’s case is from smoking and dipping. I was completely heartbroken. I decided then at that moment that I was done with smoking. I’m not going to lie I have wanted one from time to time and have even tried to smoke ONE since then (I’m not perfect), but being that I have been quit for awhile, I couldn’t stand the smell or the taste. I’m sure your wondering if my husband has quit smoking and dipping, and the answer is NO! But I do strongly believe in the power of prayers, so I’m pretty confident that one day my husband will be able to say “I’M TOBACCO FREE!!” If someone asked me what was my motivation to not smoke, I would simply say my family. Thanks for letting me share my story!

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Quitting is a process.

Remember that everyone's quit story is different. What works for one, might not always work for another. Don't give up. You can do this, Louisiana!

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Everyone's quit story is different. What works for one, might not always work for another. So we want you to share your success story (and your struggles) with us, so that you can help motivate and encourage others to quit.

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