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Youth & Tobacco

Facts About Youth Tobacco Use in Louisiana

2019 E-Cigarette Use Among Louisiana Youth

2017 Youth Tobacco Survey Report

33% of middle school students and 53.7% of high school students have ever tried a tobacco product

14% of middle schoolers and 28.5% of high schoolers currently use tobacco

32% of high school students and 14% of middle school students have tried smoking

Among high school students:
31.6% use e-cigarettes
11.5% smoke cigarettes
15.7% smoke cigarillos
9.5% use smokeless tobacco

Among middle school students
15.4% use e-cigarettes
5.3% smoke cigarettes
6.5% smoke cigarillos
4.6% use smokeless tobacoo

Sources: 2017 Louisiana Youth Tobacco Survey and 2019 E-Cigarette Use Among Louisiana Youth

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