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Tips From Smokers

Real stories from former smokers. Let these stories from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention inspire you to quit tobacco for good.

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Your chances of quitting tobacco for good are more than double when you use a combination of quit counseling and medication. We’ve got you covered with both.

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Denise & Brian

AGE / Denise 66, Brian 68

Denise never smoked, but her husband, Brian, smoked for years. She has taken care of him through his smoking-related heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lung cancer diagnosis and treatments. Eventually she had to quit her job to care for him full-time.

portrait of jessica, a woman who is giving her tips on how she quit tobacco


AGE / 28

It’s never easy being a single mom, but for Jessica, it’s even harder knowing that her son Aden’s asthma is likely because of secondhand smoke exposure from Jessica’s mother who watched him on the days Jessica worked. Jessica now regrets not knowing the connection between secondhand smoke exposure and asthma.

portait of kristy as she gives her tips on quitting tobacco for good


AGE / 36

For Kristy, it took a lot to quit tobacco for good. A heavy smoker for 20 years, she used e-cigarettes to smoke less cigarettes. It was a costly decision. Today, after a collapsed lung and early chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Kristy has quit tobacco products completely.

rebecca sitting on couch while she gives her tips on quitting tobacco


AGE / 57

At 16, Rebecca started smoking cigarettes. At 33, she was diagnosed with depression and even though it didn’t make her feel any better, she continued to smoke. Eventually as a result of gum disease caused by smoking, Rebecca lost some of her teeth, and that more than anything gave her the determination to quit for good.

portrait of tiffany while she gives her tips on quitting tobacco


AGE / 35

When Tiffany was 16, she lost her mom, a smoker, to lung cancer and this loss at such a young age made her determined to quit smoking for her own daughter’s sake and wellbeing. Tiffany’s quit plan included the support of family and friends and changed more than her routine, it changed her life.

Tips from Former Smokers

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